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Human Resource Consultancy

We believe that having the right people is critical to your success. In addition, having the right systems in place helps to create the  right environment for your people to thrive. We therefore support you to have a well set up organization from a best practice HR perspective and support you to have a working and compliant Human Resource department.

Sustainable & Inclusive Development

We support organizations that are implementing development projects focussed on enterprise growth,  livelihoods, resilience and inclusive finance.

Capacity Building

We deploy various approaches to empower your teams to thrive. We do this through training facilitation, coaching and engaging team building sessions.

About us

Fana in Swahili speaks of being good, enjoyable and successful. We are a team of consultants that believe in thriving organisations. We aspire to provide impactful engagements that ignite a passion for success in your organisation.

Our Values

The Golden Rule

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Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business, new projects, partnership opportunities and how we can help you.